In Memoriam, Susanne S. Millsaps

July 28, 1953 – October 20, 2006 


Thank you, everyone for your kind words and offerings of support. I appreciate them, and so does Susanne's family.  

I also want to thank everyone who came and celebrated Susanne on the Friday after she died.  There was talking and singing and laughter and a few tears. I especially want to single out and thank Winston and Jani Gamble, Kate Reddy, and Shauna Bona for their efforts in putting the event together. Also thanks to all the musicians who played, including Cheryl and Andy Winston, who flew in from Boulder CO, just to play. You are all awesome friends and superior people.

Knowing how much Susanne was/is loved by her friends, and the support from hers/ours/mine and our families has helped ease the pain of her passing for me. Not erasing it (only time can do that), but reduced it to bearable levels.      

She was one of the bright angels of our world, and it is dimmer without her.

We all have to shine brighter to make up the difference.    



A Blog now exists ( for those of you who want to post your memories of Susanne.  The link to that is here. There is also a myspace page at  Below are some pictures from Susanne's life — I'm working on adding more as I find them.