Susanne Millsaps Performing Songwriter Showcase

2013 will be the seventh time we've done this in Susanne's name, and the second of the IAMA-run contests. Susanne would be so proud of all who have entered and performed. Winners include Jenn Adams, Joel Cage, TR Ritchie, Jamie Michaels, Russ Chapman, and Peter Danzig.

If you have questions about entering this year's showcase, please see the website, email, or call Ruthie Naccarato at 801-870-0487.


Q: When I perform solo, I typically use a digital vocalist enhancer (foot pedal) which adds harmony based on my chord progression and main vocals. Would this be allowed?

A: A harmonizer would be fine.

Q: Am I to understand that an entry may consist of 2 songs on a single CD? That would be 2 songs entered for $30.00?

A: Yes one entry = 2 songs. If you wanted to submit 2 entries, all 4 songs could be on a single CD; All we ask is that you indicate which ones are to be paired together.

Q: What file formats are acceptable?

A: Any of the main formats (WAV, MP3, AAC, OGG, etc.) will be fine. We will be distributing the files to the initial judges electronically.

Q: May I play more than one instrument?

A: Absolutely.

Q: Should my submissions be recorded and sent to you how I would play them live… that is with one guitar and one vocal?

A: The first two songs might be considered "introduction" songs.
You want them to be relatively unproduced, and we would recommend that they be just you and your instrument, but you are not going to be faulted for having some production or additional instrumentation.

Q: Does the CD have to be "studio" quality?

A: No — many folks submit "Living Room" versions. 

Q: Are there any restrictions on who can enter?

A: The only restrictions are excluding folks like James Taylor, Janis Ian, Tim  O'Brien and the like. <grin>. 

Q: Are there any restrictions on the number of entries?

A: No, but we ask you to be reasonable. You are better off to submit 2 good songs than 12 "sorta-adequate" ones. 

Q: If I have a portable keyboard, can I use/play that?

A: A keyboard like that will not be a problem, as we've had them before.  We just don't want someone bringing a 320-piece live looping setup type of arrangement, or wanting a drum kit. <smile>

Q: How you are set up for amplification? Is the Showcase simply vocal/instrument, or is there some facility for amplification available?

A: We will have full amplification capability, with at least 1 DI and two microphone connections.

Q: Must entrants play the same songs live that they performed on their entry CD's or must they perform different songs?

A: You may perform the same songs or different ones on your entry and (if you are a finalist), the stage.

Q: Will the judges hear the songs prior to judging the performances in the showcase?

A: The stage judges will not be the same as the preliminary judges, and the stage judges will not hear the recorded songs.

Q: If a performer is selected as a finalist but is unable to perform live, is an alternate finalist selected?

A: We do select alternates, as this has happened before, and probably will again.

Q: If a performer is selected as a finalist but is unable to perform live, do they still get to call themselves a finalist even though they, obviously, wouldn't be eligible to win the showcase?

A: If an performer is selected as a finalist, they can claim the label even if they are not able to make it to the festival.